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OSC-S Slab cutting machine

Name:OSC-S Slab cutting machine

The type of machine designed with automatic feeding. For people who work with all kind of stone slab, large tile etc. It goes without saying that precision is crucial to the end result. But the efficiency of the machine should never compromise the need for good ergonomics and a reasonable workload. Put simply, the stone or tile you can must fit perfectly, just as the machine and blade you use must fit your work situation perfectly.

Model Blade Size(mm) Motor Power(KW) Voltage(v/50,60hz) RPM on Blade Cutting Length(mm) Max Cutting Depth(mm) Measurement(mm) NW/GW(KG)
OSC-S2000 300-400 3.75 380 2900-3400 2000 70/125 2900*1100*1600 430/650
OSC-S2500 300 2500 3400*1100*1600 500/710
OSC-S3000 300-400 3000 4000*1100*1600 600/825

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