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OSC _ H stone cutting machine

Name:OSC _ H stone cutting machine


For people who work with stone,brick,large tiles or blocks,it goes without saying that precision is crucial to the end result. But the efficiency of the machine should never compromise the need for good ergonomics and a reasonable workload. Put simply,the stone or tile you cut must fit perfectly, just as the machine and the blade you use must fit your work situation perfectly.

●Powerful 3HP motor 
●An electric water pump inside for water recycle. 
●Cutting table extents for large material on both sides. 
●Detachable four-piece table surface on the water tray is designed for easy cleaning and easy access to the water pump. 
●Allow bevel cutting to 45 degree. 
●Steel construction with perfect painting can resist wear and corrosion. 
●Build-in handles for easy transportation 
●Simple, durable legs can be quickly removed for easy transportation. 
●With sealed bearings, the cutting head glides smoothly on two rails. 
●The sturdy aluminum support arms assure straight cutting performance and long blade life, and allow plunge cut and rip cut. 
●Stainless steel work table resists the wear and corrosion.

High quality motor with patent design brings powerful output, long service life and low noise.

Durable 2mm thick frame and deep water basin.

Any angle between 45 to 90 degree can be achieved perfectly with smooth edge.

Cutting head can be moved up and down easily through wheel, thus to fit different size of blade and finish job like half-cut or slot.

Superior stainless table assures longer life.
Famous brand rail and liner bearings are adopted to guarantee accurate cutting performance.

With this backer, you can finish job with same size easily and accurately.
Standard fitting auxiliary table provides holding to stone with big size.

Bracket can be disassembled conveniently. And machine can be moved.
Heavy-duty water pump.

OSC-H800M 2.2kw/3hp 240/380 50/60 250~300mm 25.4/50mm 2800-3400 800mm 70mm
OSC-H800L 2.2kw/3hp 240/380 50/60 250~400mm 25.4/50mm 2800-3400 800mm 125mm
OSC-H1200M 2.2kw/3hp 240/380 50/60 250~300mm 25.4/50mm 2800-3400 1200mm 70mm
OSC-H1200L 2.2kw/3hp 240/380 50/60 250~400mm 25.4/50mm 2800-3400 1200mm 125mm


OSC-H800M 0-45° 130kg/160kg

1330x810x320mm     540x480x300mm

OSC-H800L 0-45° 135kg/165kg 1330x810x320mm     540x480x300mm
OSC-H1200M 0-45° 145kg/180kg 1730x810x320mm     540x480x300mm
OSC-H1200L 0-45° 150kg/185kg 1730x810x320mm     540x480x300mm

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