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DPH Bridge type stone cutter with slide assmblies

Name:DPH Bridge type stone cutter with slide assmblies

OMC-DPH2200/2600/2800/3000 Bridge type stone cutter will fit with monolithic or multi-blade in different sizes to cut the stone block.The lifter comprises of high quality cast iron.It’s anti-abrasion,no easy deformed,maintain convenient,high efficiency in producing and higher a ccuracy in cutting characters.The knife moving in left and right direction is contrlled by variable-frequency drive(VFD) and the speed will be adjustedc depend ond hardness of the stone.
The lift moving up and down is driven by hydraulic pressure cylinder(or by lead screw).The front and rear moving of blades is driven by high-precision lead screw on the two side beam.Some key parts comprise of imported accessories with high quality.So the blocks can be put on the ground to cut to save the working table and its maintaining fee.Hence,the stone cutter is featured with high efficienty.high accuracy of blades moving ,high stable,easy poerating,the processing slab is high flatness products.
The machine is suitable for cutting high value granite,marble and other block materials.In addition,the accessories of DPH-2200/2600/2800/3000 bridge type stone cutter can be chosen by customers demands.

Max. diameter of blade (mm) 2200 2600 2800 3000
Max. cutting length(mm) 3500 3500 3700 3500
Max.cutting width(mm) 2200 2200 2200 2200
Max.cutting depth(mm) 950 1150 1250 1350
Max.distance of lifting(mm) 1400 1400 1400 1600
Water consumption(m³/h) 37 45 55 55
Total power(KW) 48 56 66 66
Weight(kg) 11000 11500 12000 12500
Overall dimension(LxWxH)(mm) 7300*4500*6800 7500*4500*6800 8000*6800*7000 8000*6800*7000
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