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DPJ30 Multi-Blade Cutting Machine

Name:DPJ30 Multi-Blade Cutting Machine

With creative and patented design, the new generation multi-blade block cutter increased the blade quantity, decreased blade thickness, simplify the structure of the machine, while at the same time solved the slanting problem of traditional oversized-blade block cutter. 
1. 30pcs 1800mm blade can be fixed together 
2. Ultrathin 5.5mm blade can be used to decrease block consumption and increase utility rate. 
3. Hydraulic swing arm type structure is used to ensure stable performance and compact size.

Max. cutting length 2800*1400*1400mm
Max. cutting width 1400mm
Max. cutting thickness 1400mm
Blade size 1800mm
Main power 110kw
Water consumption 30m3/h
Overall size for machine 12000*4800*5200mm
Total weight 11T
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