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LXM20-head automatic polishing machine

Name:LXM20-head automatic polishing machine

The machine uses resin disc and tilting disc, because resin disc is light in weight, small in consumed power, and high in grinding efficiency; its price is only 1/2 of traditional continuous grinding and polishing machine of the same specification; the power needed by the grinding disc is 7.5KW, which is only 1/3~2/3 of grinding head for ordinary grinding machine of the same specification, with low power consumption. 
The machine is multi-point continuous board-incoming production, with high efficiency and low labor cost. Production efficiency of a set of equipment may be that of several walking or bridge-type grinding and polishing machine, and only 2~4 workers are needed. As for the machine, air pressure controls lifting and falling of grinding disc and pressuring range is adjustable; oscillating beams can drive grinding disc for moving and movement speed is adjustable; belt of belt-type board-sending workbench can is adjustable; electrical system adopts PLC and human-computer interface. 

Main technical parameters ZDM100-20
Grinding disc diameter Φ200mm
Width of grinding and polishing panel 300-1000mm
Thickness of processing panel 10-30mm
The number of grinding head 20pieces
Total power 165.3kw
Main motor 20*7.5kw
Conveyor motor power 4kw
Beam swing motor power 2*4kw
Power washing power 1.1kw
Fan motor power 2.2kw
Conveyor speed 0-2380mm/min
Air supply pressure of compressor 0.60-0.8Mpa
Cooling water pressure ≥0.15Mpa
Water consumption of single grinding head ≥25L/min
Weight 15000kgs
Spatial size 10000*2740*1960mm
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